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Welcome to Sherry Lang Fitness


Thanks for stopping by and checking in on my wellness journey to better health and daily fitness…

I have lost over 30 lbs and kept most of it off by changing my eating habits and daily exercise.  I have done the 21 Day Fix and many other programs…At the moment my husband and I are doing the Masters Hammer & Chisel.

I used to be a hater of fitness and healthy food after all isn’t’ salad what a rabbit eats…but now I love it and thrive on it.

I’ve tried many programs like Weight Watchers, low fat diets, slimfast…but none have them have stuck to me like this latest lifestyle change of just eating real food and exercising…I dropped on the scale as well as my wardrobe!

Use to go to the gym but didn’t really apply myself I didn’t like the commute and I didn’t really care for the atmosphere and cliques…but went cause I paid for it…now I get up every morning and do my workout and it’s done don’t have to think about until next morning.



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